Saturday, 9 July 2011

So ist es gewesen!

Luise invited me to reading, conversation and music with Andreas Unterweger, Rose Egbo, Helwig Brunner and Emeka Agba Eleven.

Emeka and Rose are MEGAPHON sellers on the streets of Graz. Their life stories and everyday struggle for living depends of the amount of copies that they manage to sell on the streets. They both told their life stories to two writers to rise the public awareness of their problems. Some parts of the writings that would be published have been read.

Rose doesn't like to talk about her problems in public. A deep painful shadow stood in that moments into her eyes....

...but her face shined when she was singing. She uses to sing while selling Megaphone on the streets, too.

Emeka is in Graz 5 or 6 years, and he found a love of his life in a Slovakian girl. He is tired of living in 3 months intervals, that is how long he gets a VISA to stay in EU. He wants some stability in his life...a permit to stay in one place for a longer time and a work of any kind.
Andreas, a song and story writer wrote about Rose, and Helwig who got some respecting literal rewards, about Emeka.
In public was Fiston. Graz's town-writer in 2009. After the scholarship finished, he continued his studies in Graz, at the moment he is writing his disertation. He has problems to get the Visa, too. Luise said she is like s Mum to him, except that she is not doing the washing and cooking for him, and that it would be much easier if she could adopt him.


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